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「3つの部(I・II部Ⅲ部)からなる定時制」と「通信制」をもつ群馬県立の 普通科 単位制 高等学校です。

群馬県立 太田フレックス 高等学校

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I・II部 入学相談・School guidance

  • 定時制I・II部の入学相談(School Guidance)は、『予約制』で、次の時間帯で対応しています。
    Admission consultation at our school is based on reservation.

    Consultation time is from 9:00 to 16:30 on weekdays (Monday to Friday)

    Because staff are given priority to class, we can not respond unless you make a reservation by phone before you come to school.

    Before coming to our school,

    Please research in advance about our school on our website.

    Our school is not an international school.(Our school is not an educational facility intended for foreign students whose classes are taught in English.)

    All classes are conducted in Japanese using Japanese textbooks.

    In addition, the entrance examinations will also be presented in Japanese.


    Please be sure to make a reservation in advance when you come to our school for our school guidance.


    担当窓口(Contact information)  

    電 話:0276-31-8047 

    担当者:表 貴久